Indira School of Communication has been a breakthrough for me as I got the opportunity to polish my skills radiantly. This college has been a guide, a teacher and a friend. ISC has always looked forward to “think outside the box” and has made sure to inculcate this motto in every student. This place has incorporated immense of enthusiasm in me, which is surely going to help me in my future endeavors.

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Ashiya Guha (BAJM 2016-2019)

My experience and learning at Indira School of Communication has shaped up my career and helped me in my journey a lot. When I joined this institute, my knowledge about this industry was close to zero. ISC not only helped me become a part of this industry but also gave me opportunities to explore and nurture my capabilities. I met so many amazing people from different parts of the country. Interacting with professors with so much experience in their fields gave us practical and holistic knowledge. Indeed, I am thankful to have started my journey from this place.

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Amishi Bhalotia (BAJM Batch-2014-2017)

My 3 Years at ISC have been excellent and a memory to cherish for a lifetime. The years spent here have been full of learning opportunities that were full of fun and frolic. The exposure here prepares you well to face the challenges of the corporate world. I feel I was well prepared and well guided at each step by my staff and faculty who have invested a lot in all the students assuring development.

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Sujeev Thomas (BAJM Batch-2014-2017)

My journey in this college has been quite transformative and beautiful.

I believe ISC as an academy encourages students to move forward in life professionally, thereby shaping and building careers for a better future.

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Aman Singh Gandhi (BAJM Batch-2016-2019)

Since the first moment I came to Indira School of Communication, I was met with nothing but energy and enthusiasm. The faculty and staff at this institution are top rate. They all want their students to do well. I loved having a smaller class size because I received more one-on-one attention from all the professors and felt really comfortable speaking in front of others. In my two years of Post-Graduation here, I had the greatest time ever as Indira doesn’t tell the students to focus only on bookish knowledge. In fact, they believe in practicality so that the students can learn their lessons effectively and with ease.  The college has also provided me with a very enhanced and efficient platform for the exposure to the field of journalism and placement. I am very grateful to the college for providing us the best of placement opportunities and finally, I got placed in Life365, one of the most reputed newspaper companies of Pune.

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Reeti Banerjee ( MAJM 2017-2019 )

ISC is a robust institution which deals with different disciplines of mass communication. It not only creates media professionals but an entirely dynamic personality that stands out in the media landscape. Here at ISC we are made to follow our passion, given the freedom to choose and chase our goals. “If you can dream it, you can achieve it“ is the mantra given to every Iscian. The creative atmosphere gives a fair chance for the creator within you .The apt blend of academics and extra curriculum practices enhances you as a whole. It feels privileged to be the part of such a great institution.

Vedika Karpe ( BAJM Batch-2016-2019/ Acting Academy Batch-2016-2019)

ISC is not just an Institution. It’s a place where you will evolve and grow as a person. The staff and faculty over here make it a point that you come out of your safe cocoon and enrich in all ways. ISC gives every student the right platform to Development. I feel privileged to be a part of such a great institution.

Jaie Kulkarni ( BAJM 2014-2017 )

The ISC MAJM program provides a deep understanding of the classic and new disciplines of Mass communication, preparing you to walk into any function and add value. The Program provides a framework within which you can develop your thinking on any key professional challenge with a view to identifying the right solution.

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Abhinav Guha