The very talented and versatile, Bollywood actor, blogger and also a model — best known for her portrayal of queen Sumitra in “Siya ke Ram”— visited ISC campus today, where she spoke about the TV/film industry, answered questions, and guided the students on having a positive approach and not lose the confidence and rise up with each struggle. She also emphasized on how grooming and good personality plays a vital role for everyone.

So also guided the students on the efforts and skills required by an individual to keep him /her going in the industry and also stressed on the importance of upgrading and exploring the different mediums available to today’s generation to the best of their capacity to work towards their professional goals. There was a Q&A session in which the students of ISC asked her many questions on her experience in industry. The programme concluded with a photography and selfie session with the students.

Post Lunch session with Ms. Sampada Vaze where she spoke about the importance of reading script. She was very keen on inculcating the habit of reading the script, of not only one’s owns character but the other character also as it helps one to relate the character easily.