renugDear Students,

Our country’s press has always held the most important position as its guide and mentor through the evolution of the biggest democracy. However, the past twenty years have seen the word ‘press’ being replaced by ‘media’ that plays multifarious roles. The Indian media industry has indeed come of age with a strong presence across all segments.

In such a happening industry, a plethora of jobs are created every year and we are proud to say that we, at the Indira School of Communication, have taken up the noble job of training media professionals across all branches of media. Our alumni have percolated across advertising, print and broadcast journalism, public relations and film and TV production.

ISC believes in crafting out perfect personalities and not only imparting professional skills. Our trainees are armed with good human and communications skills even as they get prepared for various jobs in the media industry. Life at ISC is full of fun and learning with myriad projects, outdoor assignments, cultural and academic events and field trips.

Welcome to ISC. Unravel your own world. Discover your talents.

Renu Garg

Director, Indira School of Communication, Pune.