Indira School of Communication is one of the renowned institutes in Pune in the field of mass communication. When I joined the institute two years back, I joined with a lot of expectations and aspirations. A lot of what I expected was achieved during the one and a half years of my course. The college provided us with a wide range of subjects in all three specializations that is, Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations and RTF. The faculty that was called was superb and we spent a quality time with all our professors. The professors tried their best to prepare us for the real life challenges that we would face once we entered the media industry.  I met and became friends with a number of students from different regions of India, and it was a pleasure knowing and spending time with such wonderful people.  As promised before the admissions, the placement department of the college tried to place all the students and give them a good start of the career.  I am surely thankful for the placement I got through the college.