taritashankar-newDear Students,

Over the past decade, our country’s industries have been challenged by competition from both within as well as outside. Our communication industries have been no exception whether it is television or print. On the other hand, our creative advertising professionals and journalists have been acclaimed far and wide. Such healthy, globalized competition has resulted in booming stock markets, and upbeat mood.

Media has had a vital role to play in our transformation, and even more importantly, in our self-perception as a nation. The projection of India as a burgeoning economy and a lucrative marketplace would not have been possible without a dynamic and supportive media.

Facing up to these new challenges requires new and dynamic strategies, structures, cultures, compensations, processes, innovation and above all, leadership. Our future communicators will have to provide much of these new directions, in search of new ground in advertising, or creating new communicative paradigms, or exploring new ways of reaching audiences in distinctive and responsible ways.

Ranked among the top 30 business schools in infrastructure and industry interface, Indira is poised to greater growth now. At the core of Indira’s philosophy lies the conviction that we must be multi-skilled and multi-task oriented. We need to translate our dynamism into the knowledge that students acquire with us. Our motto is to keep ourselves abreast of industry trends, and provide quality answers to the demands of industry environment. To do so, we have at Indira always strived to facilitate the learning environment to create better professionals. We pride ourselves on high-quality infrastructure to meet the ever-growing demands of technology, and on our uncompromising stand on meeting student requirements. For example, our campuses are now fully wired on fibre optic-based broadband technology, ensuring speed and efficiency.

Our new mass communication building, a state-of-the-art building with more than 30,000 square feet of builtup space, was constructed at lightning speed to meet the ongoing needs of this growing institute. This, along with the modern studio, equipment and faculty make ISC easily one of the best-equipped communication institutes. I have no doubts that we will soon transform ISC into one of the most coveted institutes in Asia.

We are constantly searching for excellence, and I welcome all students who would like to share that commitment with us. ISC promises to flourish with the guidance of our accomplished Director, and with students who are keen to learn and contribute.

Thank you for considering Indira School of Communication.