ISC offers  Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC)  & Professional Acting Course. The approach of ISC is to guide the trainee in the relatively new field through a funnel approach, beginning with a broad understanding and moving progressively towards more aggressive and intensive learning in a specialized path. At the end of the tenure; each trainee demonstrates an extensive comprehension of communication and in depth training of the specialization of choice


Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication (BAJMC)

Course Objectives

  • A foundation for understanding the communication and media studies discipline that prepares them to focus on the humanistic aspect of media and its impact on society
  • Knowledge, skills, and values that prepare them for future careers in our interconnected society, whether in mass media or advanced study
  • Curiosity, creativity, and intellectual risk-taking
  • Critical thinking skills, effective oral and written communication skills, and the ability to create works of high quality
  • An improved sense of self-confidence and self-efficacy and an awareness of their responsibilities as professionals in their field
  • To enable the students to integrate various functions with organizational goals and strategies

Course Outcomes

  • Curriculum structure provides students with an integrative core of courses in theory, history, technology production, and hands-on practice in digital media.
  • Students will be able to write for variety of mass media, including news stories, press releases, and advertising copy, following accepted journalistic standards.
  • Students will be able to conceptualize, design, and produce one or more works in media based on effective principles and practices of media aesthetics for a target audience.
  • They learn Critiquing, analyzing, and synthesizing dominant views, including careful reading of key texts.
  • Learning to apply conceptual tools in profession, and work collaboratively and constructively together.
B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication)
Year University Fees Laboratory /Practical Academic Fees Transportation Charges Refundable Deposit Total Fees
First Year 45,000 40,000 40,000 10,000 2,000 1,35,000/-
Second Year 50,000 45,000 33,000 10,000 _ 1,38,000/-
Third Year 53,000 47,000 28,000 10,000 _ 1,38,000/-


Master of Arts (M.A.) Mass Communication

Course Objectives

  • The course is designed to achieve high standards in specific media industry roles professionally, and prepares trainee for the challenge of a multi-skilled portfolio career.
  • Trainee will gain the transferable and cognitive skills necessary for lifelong personal and professional development.
  • The course provides students an opportunity to gain an understanding of media and other mass communications marketing practices, common business activities and terminology, perspectives applied when taking the optimal approach to decisions, plus descriptions and rationales of common practices.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate a nuanced understanding of the power, complexity and limitations of media industry as a profession and shall be taught skills and techniques to sustain in their professional choices.

Course Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a capacity to apply knowledge to diagnose and solve problems in a wide range of diverse situations, with an ability to work independently or with others.
  • Agency internship helps the trainees to understand the functions of the agency and how an agency working is interlinked by various media houses or corporates.
  • Placement and career opportunities as per their career choices.
  • Understand the cycle of Work Outsourcing and Technical terms in an office environment.
  • They are not only prepared to become a part of the media industry but also to work with sheer professionalism and trained for their future careers in a manner that they can come with the best in any condition, situation or crisis.


M.A. in Mass Communication
Year University Fees Academic Fees CDP Charges Transportation Charges TOTAL FEES
First Year 55,000 86,600 45,000 10,000 1,96,600
Second Year 60,000 86,600 45,000 10,000 2,01,600


Six Month Course in Acting

It is a Six Months Professional Acting Course prepares you for a career in Film, Television & Theatre Acting. The course is a blend of personality training, method acting, performing arts and camera facing. Everyone who looks up to the ambition of being an artist get to witness the evolution within themselves as they turn out to walk in as amateurs but walk out as professionals, with confidence, spark and the capability of being an actor. The course also delivers an outstanding experience of self-enhancement and self-confidence.