ISC offers  Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC)  & Professional Acting Course. The approach of ISC is to guide the trainee in the relatively new field through a funnel approach, beginning with a broad understanding and moving progressively towards more aggressive and intensive learning in a specialized path. At the end of the tenure; each trainee demonstrates an extensive comprehension of communication and in depth training of the specialization of choice


Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication (BAJMC)

It’s a three years course in Mass Communication. The syllabus includes topics covering Advertising and Public Relations, Print & Broadcast Journalism and Film and TV Production. The course covers and trains students through theoretical and practical knowledge of subjects that students might come across in their professional careers. The faculty consists of top notch media professionals who understand the dimensions of academics and media industry. Upgradations are made to the syllabus as per the changing trends of the industry. This course also offers the liberty to attain practical knowledge about the profession and Industry through internships and get a fair idea of the stream.


Master of Arts (M.A.) Mass Communication

It’s a two years Masters course in Mass Communication. The specialization streams provided are Advertising & Public Relations, Print & Broadcast Journalism and Radio, Film & TV Production. The course consists of stream oriented syllabus and modules, designed to cover the depth of professionalism and aptitude required to deliver performances as a competitive media professional in the industry. We at ISC train our MAMC students to achieve the best of their caliber and grab the best placement opportunities in the media industry spread across the country. ISC over the years has ensured to be a driving force in molding the career of it’s students in the best possible way


Six Month Course in Acting

It is a Six Months Professional Acting Course prepares you for a career in Film, Television & Theatre Acting. The course is a blend of personality training, method acting, performing arts and camera facing. Everyone who looks up to the ambition of being an artist get to witness the evolution within themselves as they turn out to walk in as amateurs but walk out as professionals, with confidence, spark and the capability of being an actor. The course also delivers an outstanding experience of self-enhancement and self-confidence.