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Name: Yash rajpurohit
Batch: BAJM 2013-2016
Position: Assistant
Company: Nadiawala grandson entertainment
Package ( Per/ Month) : 20k p/m

Yash Rajpurohit 2

Name: Sujeev thomas
Batch: BAJM 2014-2017
Position: Buisness developer
Company: AMB Crypto
Package ( Per/ Month) : 30k p/m

Sujeev Thomas 2

Name: Aashish khandelwal
Batch: BAJM 2013-2016
Position: Assistant director
Company: Altus media
Package ( Per/ Month) : 30k p/m

Aashish Khandelwal 2

Name: Jaie kulkarni
Batch: BAJM 2014-2017
Position: Production manager
Company: Nadiawala Grandson Entertainment
Package ( Per/ Month) : 33k p/m

Jaie Kulkarni 2

Name: Ashiya Guha
Batch: BAJM 2016-2019
Position: Associate Content Management
Company: Grand view research
Package ( Per/ Month) : 20k p/m

Ashiya-Guha 2

Name: Anwesha Biswas
Batch: BAJM 2014-2017
Position: Client Servicing
Company: Accenture
Package ( Per/ Month) : 20k p/m

Anwesha Biswas 2

Name: Anushka mitra
Batch: BAJM 2016-2019
Position: Spiltsvilla XI Semi Finalist
Company: Colosceum Media
Package ( Per/ Month) :

Anuska Mitra 2

Name: Rakesh Sahu
Batch: BAJM 2014-2017
Position: Sales Manager
Company: ICICI Bank
Package ( Per/ Month) : 20k p/m

Rakesh Roshan Sahu 2

Name : Monalisa Patel
Batch : 2014-2016
Company Name : Percee PR & Media Solutions, Guwahati Assam Northeast India
Designation : Managing Partner


Name : Neha Basudkar
Batch : 2015-2017
Company Name : Sakaal Times, Pune
Designation : Jr. Reporter


Name : Tushar Ghate
Batch : 2015-2017
Company Name : The Uncommons, Pune
Designation : Client Servicing


Name : Preeti Biswas
Batch : 2011-2013
Company Name : The Times of India
Designation : Correspondent

5. Preeti Biswas

Name : Nikita Chodankar
Batch : 2012-2014
Company Name : Aspire Communications, Pune
Designation : Asst. Manager

8. Nikita Chodankar