Induction programme is an initiative to groom the overall personality of students and make them acquainted with the culture of the institution. The idea of the programme was to make the students aware of their prospective opportunities and to show them the path they have adopted in order to become successful media students.

The 14th Induction Ceremony for the students of BAJM, MAJM & ACTING was held on 3rd August 2017 at the Pharmacy Audi. The chief guest of the program was Mr. Rahul Mishra, an alumnus of ISCS (2007-09), a known singer, lyricist and music composer. His recent song from ‘Half Girlfriend’ made a lot of waves amongst the youngsters. He was accompanied by Rahul Kumar, scriptwriter of Kapil Sharma Show, K9 Production.

The theme for the occasion was MEDIASHASHTRA. The program started by lighting the lamp by honourable dignitaries followed by a welcome speech by our Director Prof. Renu Garg. The students performed a welcome dance and a Tandav.

Later the new joinees were addressed by our Group Director, Prof. Chetan Wakalkar, where he told the students the difference between knowledge and weapon which was the theme of the induction.
Honourable Chairperson, Dr. Tarita Shankar told the students how not to give up and keep the dreams alive at all times.

Our chief guest Mr. Rahul Mishra gave valuable insights to the students on the theme ‘Mediashashtra’ and shared his experience of his journey from a student to a professional singer.

The programme concluded with Mr. Rahul Mishra getting the crowd to groove to his melodious tunes.

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